Give It Up

Give up your carpet samples. Those patterns that didn't make the cut, the colors that are so 2010, the has-beens and runners up. Tricycle's annual Ample Sample design contest is the perfect excuse to unleash a little spring cleaning on your library of carpet samples.

More than 700,000 carpet samples will ship this year, helping architects and designers narrow down the perfect choices for their projects. But what happens when the project is over?

Far too many carpet samples still make the short trip from the resource library to the landfill. Ample Sample gives designers the chance to take what was destined for the trash and upcycle them into other purposeful goods.. or just something cool.

Winning concepts will be showcased during NEOCON 2011 and featured on the Ample Sample site and Facebook page.

Visit here to view past entries and get contest details.


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