GeoHay gets nod from Shaw

Last summer I wrote about GeoHay, a barrier filtration product made from recycled carpet fibers. Originally designed for erosion control at construction sites, GeoHay was repurposed along Walton County, Florida beaches to protect ecologically sensitive areas from oil released in the BP disaster.

This week Shaw Industries announced its investment in GeoHay, opening a new channel for using the post-consumer carpet Shaw collects. Shaw has ongoing recycling and waste-to-energy programs for the more than 100 million pounds of carpet it reports to reclaim per year through its national collection network. Organizations like Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE) have applauded the move.

Eight years ago, when both CARE and Tricycle were founded, carpet waste in landfills was approaching five billion pounds yearly. That number, according to CARE, has decreased to 3.5 billion pounds--a smaller but still significant amount. It's encouraging to see solutions coming from outside the carpet industry, and the industry supporting those solutions. More can be done and new, more-creative solutions are needed. Part of finding solutions is increasing awareness of the problem. Ample Sample is a yearly design challenge from Tricycle asking people to creatively rethink carpet waste. We'll post details about this year's competition soon.


Joe-Roseville's carpet cleaner said...

Are you familiar with the new legislation that will take effect this july the AB 2398. I think with such, it will help reduced carpet waste in landfills.

sujeel a. taj said...

Yes, the Carpet Stewardship law is certainly going to be a game changer for manufacturers and for the recycling industry. I'm optimistic that it can establish a successful model to the rest of the country for diverting carpet waste.

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Oh, construction companies would find this product useful. The tasks would be easier with the help of this tool. It can also be helpful for individuals! Erosion control should be done in landscaping and gardening.

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