YES to Tryk!

We love designers and we love sustainable sampling. And we really (really, really) love designers who like Tryk sustainable samples.

Keisha has worked in the design industry as an owner and a freelance designer and is currently an architecture and design representative with Spartan Surfaces. You can enjoy her observations on design, travel and Washington D.C. winters here on Twitter.

She is also a power user of Tryk sampling and we've appreciated her kudos and her suggestions on how Tryk Studio can be an even better tool for her creative process. Thanks for letting us get to know you a little better Keisha, and have a wonderful holiday!

Like Tryk?
YES! The ability to see if you created a terrible carpet without wasting yarn makes me happy.

Flip-flops or snowshoes?
Flip-flops for sure, when it snowed last year I headed to Panama.

Your favorite space?
Personal Space... and the Secession House in Vienna, Austria. I'm still considering getting the gold leaf dome as a tattoo on my shoulder.

Guilty holiday pleasure?
Hot Chocolate, Hot Cider, Hot Tea... add alcohol! Oh, and sneaking a spoonful of raw cookie dough.

What's on your desk?

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