Holiday Treats, continued

Tricycle's new iPad app for carpet sales is something we're understandably excited to launch. But we're not alone. Judging by reactions from the industry, it's the right tool for how more sales reps are choosing to work.

With the heavy lifting (also known as designing, programming and testing) mostly complete, our development/interactive team had some brief time to enjoy before turning attention to new and other, ongoing projects. Brushing up rusty foos-ball skills and lunch at someplace other than the desk were some of the rewards after long hours. There's time to enjoy holiday treats too. Triker Joey, of our development/interactive team, lit up (literally) when we asked him to answer a few questions:

New and cool for Tryk?
J: Touch screens! Recently we released an iPad web app. Being able to interact with designs and clients with the newest technology is awesome.

Best thing about the holidays?
J: Super-Secret Special Eggnog, I may already have said too much.

What's your design challenge?
J: Taking a completely fresh, new idea and making it feel natural for anyone to use. Luckily I'm surrounded by design geniuses.

Strange holiday traditions?
J: There's a plastic Christmas goose. It's hideous. You have to place the goose on a friend or family member's house without that person's knowledge. I still wonder how one year it got to be 60 feet up a pine tree.

Proud of?
I'm proud that my wife and I have a baby due at the end of December. Also Tricycle; we have a goal and we haven't strayed from that goal, I'm proud of that.

Joey and his wife celebrated the arrival of their baby girl just in time for Christmas Eve! Congratulations guys, we can't wait to meet the newest member of the family.

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