IceStone® Chooses Tryk for Sampling

A new Tryk hard surface sampling vehicle has been designed and produced for IceStone® 100% recycled glass and cement surfaces. The IceStone swatch deck is a durable and beneficial resource for designers and will be available through its distributors. Tryk utilizes PLA, a compostable plant-based substrate that consumes less energy in production when compared to petroleum-based materials, to provide an environmentally-conscious alternative to traditional sampling.

The Tryk toolkit of sustainable samples and online design tools enables hard surfaces manufacturers such as IceStone to introduce new product to the market and service existing and new customers faster, while reducing the use of natural resources and eliminating the waste of traditional sampling. The swatch deck utilizing Tryk will also be a more portable and space-saving option for both distributors and design studios.

Tryk tools for hard surface products such as stone, wood, ceramic, glass and porcelain tiles evolved naturally from Tricycle’s presence in the soft surface flooring industry. Hard surface products of this nature are generally a financial and environmental burden for companies that receive sample requests from designers and consumers. These sustainable samples are less expensive and much lighter than physical samples; thereby, allowing a larger repeat size to be shown and reducing transportation costs while diverting unnecessary sample waste from landfills. The quick 24 – 48 hour turnaround for a Tryk also saves time and money for manufacturers and designers, the latter who can order a Tryk at no-cost.

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