Don't end it, mend it.

Platform 21 recently sponsored the "Remarkable Repair Contest" on its blog. The Amsterdam design shop asked people to consider how objects rendered imperfect (from wear or damage) could be reimagined and creatively put back to the same use or repurposed for another function. The goal was an excercise in reconsidering ideas of product lifecycle.

The effort ties into Platform 21's Repair Manifesto which asserts, among other things, that repairing is a creative challenge.

The contest winner, Siba Sahabi, used embroidery and ink to repair and decorate a plastic bag damaged in the wheel of her bicycle.

We couldn't help but notice the parallel to our Ample Sample contest which asks designers to imagine creative, useful products from discarded carpet samples.

Here are the rest of the entries for the Remarkable Repairs contest, enjoy and thanks to Tricycle alum Michael Hendrix for the heads up!

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