Chattanooga Music Is Killer!!!

The local Chattanooga music scene has always been pretty amazing - and now is no exception. With styles ranging from experimental/folk, power pop, punk, metal, roots - you can find it all - and almost all of them rule with a hardness. Check out these links to some of Chattanooga's most killer bands, buy their albums and go see their shows... STAT! If you dont see your Favorite on here then let us know whats up and leave a comment!
xoxo - Nick
Coral Castles - Power Pop with hook drencht swagger
Forest Magic - Tripped out indie/psyche/folk
The Hidden Spots -the rawest, truest, most thoughtful punk know to man
The New Binkley Bros - Old Timey Shred-fest ... believe it
Night Of The Wolf - Metal the way Metal Should Be - perfect
Giant Tiger - Dirty Garage/Punk that should take a bath.


Anonymous said...

Chattanooga's on the come up. We all got yella teeth.

mark said...

Good post, nothing like great music to inspire great things... here in Chattanooga or any city, really

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