Ruby Falls acheives green certification

Ruby Falls opened to tourists in 1930. The underground passageways, more than a thousand feet beneath the mountain, lead visitors past spectacular, whimsically-named rock formations. The highlight, of course, is a vaulted chamber containing a 145-foot waterfall deep in the heart of the mountain. Ruby Falls and the Tennessee River are just a few of the gems for which Chattanooga has long been recognized as a place of great natural beauty. Recently, America's deepest commercial cave and largest underground waterfall open for public view added another distinction, the first U.S. attraction to achieve Green Globe certification.

Green Globe is a British company that provides third-party green certification to tourist facilities under both the Green Globe and Green Certifications brands. Ruby Falls will receive dual certification for meeting their sustainability standards.

From our office we can see-- halfway up Lookout Mountain-- the Ruby Falls building that, eighty years ago, was built with limestone excavated from the cave. If you visit Chattanooga be sure to stop by this historic attraction as they navigate a green course into the next eighty years.

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