Green Drinks "= Better"

This week, Live Green talked with Edwin Datschefski, the founder of Green Drinks, one of the fastest-growing environmentally aware communities in the world. Founded in London (at a Slug and Lettuce, for those of us who know them well!), Green Drinks is now in more than 200 cities around the world. Including our hometown of Chattanooga.

During the interview Edwin gave our wee local chapter props for the invitation we send out, for best encapsulating the Green Drinks philosophy.

If sustainability is truly about economic, environmental and social viability, then woot for the social! Social networking, like grassroots word-of-mouth or even today's high profile viral marketing, is a first great step to bringing great minds together and giving birth to great ideas.

Click here to go to the interview. And pass along the props to Tricycle's own Anj McClain, without whom Green Drinks Chattanooga wouldn't happen every month.

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