How is Greenbuild helping build 'green'?

Check out this 9 minute documentary on November 06's Greenbuild, the annual conference and expo of the US Green Building Council - yes, that USGBC... the folks behind LEED. Since its first year in 2002, Greenbuild's growth has been exponential, in a time when attendance at many trade shows is dropping.

Our friends/documentarians Adam and Marty Butler came to ask about the remarkable growth that green building has seen, and how it is tipping into wider markets. They were curious to know if it's all more than a trend. And what is sustainability, anyway? And where is it headed?

So they interviewed experts like eco-minded editor Deb Snoonian of Plenty Magazine, wonderdesigner Melissa Mizell of Gensler, metathinkers Holley Henderson (Chair of LEED-CI Core Committee) and Lance Hosey of William McDonough's group, manufacturer Bo Barber of Nood Floorcovering, a couple of us from Tricycle, and more. They even got a hands-on demo of Shaw's new cradle to cradle recycling process.

Next stop, PBS, MTV, CNN? Well, as long as people are thinking, rethinking, taking second looks, then we'll be delighted. As Deb says, we're at a tipping point in terms of awareness; what we need next is a tipping point in terms of people making different kinds of choices in their lives....

photo credits the Butler Bros and Anj McClain

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