More on INDEX: 2007

Michael mentioned this previously but here's a bit more about the world’s biggest design awards, which you might never have heard of... The goal of the INDEX: committees + judges is to spark awareness on the importance and potential of design by honoring design that improves life. Categories are Body, Home, Work, Play and Community.

Last time’s winners are:
BODY: LifeStraw™ which brings clean water to people in the third world, making people less dependent on others for safe drinking water.
HOME: Softwall dynamically partitions large open rooms and spaces into more intimate and personal surroundings of any shape
WORK: Fundación Española para la Innovación de la Artesanía, Spain improves networking among craftsmen and teach them new tendencies with tailor-made activities.
PLAY: Apple iTunes and iPod (no explanation required).
COMMUNITY: Architecture for Humanity, a nonprofit that promotes design solutions to global and humanitarian crises (which receives 50% of the sale of REVERB, a new book of sustainability essays by leading designers, edited by Tricycle).

Nominations close November 18.

And when you are invited to Copenhagen as a finalist, stay at what might be the hippest hotel in Europe.

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