Tricycle's book on sustainability!

We asked friends of the company who are leading eco-consultants, commercial designers and editors to write essays on a wide variety of topics, from greenwashing to educating interior design clients about green choices, from dematerializing research to the hot button issue of integrated design. The outcome was REVERB: an anthology of the moment in sustainable design.

Then, in a 5-day in a creative marathon, we designed the graphics and layout as Tricycle’s responses to, reactions to and affirmations of the articles. The book itself became an experiment in form, with 3 sizes: full size, just text, or just flipbook.

Best thing of all? 50% of every sale goes to Architecture for Humanity.

This is only possible b/c each writer donated his/her article, Tricycle editors and designers donated their time, Mohawk Fine Paper donated all of the paper, Dusk reduced its printing costs and Aquafil USA stepped in at the 11th hour to pick up the slack when another sponsor dropped out. Their generosity = we benefit from great content = AFH benefits from funding for their projects.

It's being launched at the NeoCon World’s Trade Fair, the biggest dang trade show in our industry. So come by our booth at NeoCon (8th floor, #4110), email Caleb Ludwick at caleb.ludwick@tricycleinc.com, or click here to get a copy.

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