Streaking at NeoCon: 5 for 5

Just a quick post for the 4 people who read this blog (thanks mom!). We won two IIDA Awards for Creative Excellence for design of our booth and for one of our customers, Nood. The permanent showroom winners were Haworth and Keilhauer. Details are in the IIDA press release here; MocoLoco has a kind report on our space as well as Nood's (Disclaimer: MocoLoco cited us with designing Nood's new carpet line. We're flattered by can't take the credit. Read about the designer here.). This is the third year in a row that we've won this award and it continues our winning streak of an award every NeoCon since our founding in 2002! Of course we're chuffed.

We also had a hand in Lees Carpets NeoCon Innovation Award for their upcoming Design Studio program for which we created a SIM web-site and three-ring binder. Customers can configure and color over 100 carpet tile designs and then order SIM samples online. More pics and links to come...

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