Compostmodern 09

For the last few years, AIGA San Francisco and the AIGA Center for Sustainability have hosted Compostmodern. This conference explores the range of design thinking necessary to create a socially and ecologically responsible society. It's a great event in the design industry because it encourages collaboration between many divisions of design including product development, interiors, architecture and graphic design. The conference promotes not only effective design solutions but also how these solutions result in a smaller footprint and better quality of life.

If you missed the conference a couple of weeks ago you can follow a synopsis here, or join Tricycle in attending the webcast in Chattanooga on March 17. In collaboration with AIGA Chattanooga and Green|Spaces, we will enjoy St. Patrick's Day afternoon watching a selection of speakers from the event while discussing how the local design community can embrace sustainable design in our work.

Compostmodern 09 Webcast
March 17th 2009

contact mark.cooley@tricycleinc.com for more information

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nick dupey said...

im totally there!

Our blog is mostly about sustainable design in the interiors industry,
especially carpet. Sometimes it's just about us. Updated when we've got something good to say.