What You See Is What You Get

For several years we've resisted compiling a view book of our communication design work because we felt it would create brand confusion. After launching Tryk® last year the lines between our products and services were clearly delineated and it opened the door to showcase this body of work under the Tricycle® brand. We decided the best way to organize our projects was to group by client, exhibiting milestones from those relationships instead of simply categorizing them by medium.

We seek clients that come to us with broad questions rather than specific requests. "How do I improve the perception of my product line?" is a better request than "I need a new logo." The former indicates awareness and collaboration, the latter indicates DANGER. Sometimes savvy clients know exactly what they need but in my experience it is rare — most tend to be inwardly focused rather than outwardly focused. It's not narcissism, it's simply the reality of being in the trenches day after day. Design professionals help their clients sort this out... to see the big picture, to connect the dots, to maximize ROI. Cliche phrases, I know, but they're true.

The projects selected for our book are vignettes in the Big Picture. They are captured moments that summarize objectives. We intentionally kept descriptions to a minimum, simply introducing the challenge and then showing a collection of projects achieving it.

Download a PDF of "What You See Is What You Get" by clicking here.

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