Happy Earth Day!

Mr. Barriger, my 10th grade chemistry teacher, introduced me to Earth Day in 1988. It was an eco-freako concept where I came from, but so was our ecology club. It was a fun group that monitored the water quality of the Doe River, from testing to clean-up. Once we even stopped construction on a new highway to prevent the dumping of acidic soil near the river because it was adversely affecting the pH level. No wonder everyone thought we were troublesome! I'd like to believe that now the community sees it differently — that we were able to preserve the wildlife habitat for native fish and keep a beautiful water source accessible.

Today we're celebrating Earth Day in Chattanooga by joining other companies on Main Street to educate our community about local and corporate ways to live a greener life. I don't know whether it's geography, or the passing of time, but Earth Day is being embraced wholly in our city. Sujeel, aka Dr. Tryk, has set up a small table, complete with mints, so if you're downtown, please stop by. And don't miss Green Drinks later tonight at 6.

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