Not Your Average Scratching Post

Hopefully your cats didn’t spend the Christmas season batting at glass ornaments, climbing the tree, and getting hair all over the tree skirt. Unfortunately, mine did all of that. And it made me realize that it’s time to purchase a new scratching post or cat tower or anything else to keep them entertained and busy the two hours out of the day that they aren’t sleeping. As much as I love my cats, I’m not putting one of those carpet covered, four foot high trees in my living room.

I knew instantly what we needed when I was sent an email about the moderncritter bent plywood cat scratcher. It’s a simple 5/8” thick molded plywood piece covered in natural walnut veneer with a clear matte lacquer finish. And the coolest thing is that the scratching surface is just two FLOR carpet tiles.

Eco-friendly carpet mixed with stylish, modern design; what more could you ask for? The cats will love it and your guests won’t laugh at your décor. If you are especially crafty, you could tackle a similar project (without bending plywood) by using old carpet samples or remnants you have lying around.

Or if you are a designer with said carpet samples lying around, make your own while reducing waste to the landfill or causing trip hazards in your resource library. We are launching our second annual Ample Sample contest in February 2008, so we would love for you put those carpet samples or Tryk™ prints to good use as well. You can view last year’s winners here for inspiration, and details for 2008 entries will be posted soon. The winners will be promoted at NeoCon and in Floor Focus magazine. Maybe you could be the next person selling $315 cat scratchers…

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