Multiple Choice-Marketing Design panel at Cooper-Hewitt

I don't normally post events on our blog but I'm just too excited about this one… On November 15th the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum, is opening a new exhibit called, "Multiple Choice, From Sample to Products". We've been asked to participate in the opening panel discussion along with Maharam and Design Within Reach. Julie Lasky from I.D. magazine will moderate. From the Cooper-Hewitt web site, the exhibit will…

examine sample books and other sampling formats as tools for marketing or recording designs and techniques in a wide variety of media. In use since the eighteenth century, sampling formats provide detailed views into the design tastes of their respective eras. Drawn from the Museum's collection, exhibition objects will include sample books of wallcoverings; woven and printed textiles; ribbons, lace and embroidery; sample plates; and drawings and prints showing design alternatives.
Our panel will pick up the discussion about how technology affects product marketing techniques, and I'll be sharing specifically about the Tryk™ program.

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