New Tricycle Inc. Web Site

Today's launch of our new corporate web site is our first major web update in three years and our fifth redesign since 2002. I hope you find the new user interface as interesting as the previous one. Though we're approaching 40 employees we don't see any reason "corporate" must be conventional.

Over the next few months we'll add new content to the site, especially in the Case Study section. An interesting feature here is the "point of view" option. We serve manufacturers and designers and believe it's a good idea to tell our stories so that everyone sees the big picture. 

Thanks to our friends at Coptix who connected their content management system into our design. I think we probably helped to expand their R&D… ;-) It's a cool feature that makes it simple for our comm staff to make quick updates without interrupting our development team's workflow.


Josiah said...

I'm a fan. Congratulations!

R Finley said...

Very nice indeed.

Our blog is mostly about sustainable design in the interiors industry,
especially carpet. Sometimes it's just about us. Updated when we've got something good to say.