Tricycle NeoCon 2007 Pics

We're finally recovering from our Chicago designfest… here are a few shots of our case study booth along with some candids from the evenings. If you happened to visit us during the show you'll soon receive one of the rulers from the "transparency wall" shown in the fourth photo down. Thanks to our friends at Widgets & Stone for collaborating on the space. It was fun working with you, Joseph (note: he's the available guy in the acid green T at the bottom of this post)! And to our interns who cut all of those circles out of the "faux-Droog" wallpaper. To see more interesting NeoCon shizizzle head over to our friends' blog at Grant Design Collaborative.

1 comment:

Joseph said...

It was great working with all of you too!

p.s. I'm no longer "available". ;)

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