Introducing Tryk™ at NeoCon

An expansion of what we started with SIM, Tryk™ is a best-in-class image designed to enhance the design, product development, merchandising and sampling of interiors surfaces. A giant step beyond any single surface or technology, Tryk erases waste in every sector, from floorcovering to wallcovering to fabric. Visit us on the 8th floor, #4110, to learn how designers have used Tricycle's services to make a faster and more sustainable spec and to hear how we're moving forward.

Or if you're just interested in interesting design, stop by to see this year's exhibit space. We've won the International Interior Design Association's Creative Excellence award for our booth for the last three years. We have a simple philosophy for exhibit design: reuse items from past exhibits or purchase new items to furnish the office after the show. This year we mined from our storage room, picked up a few new pieces and used lots of trash:

  • cardboard from Ikea packaging (we got some new desks)
  • wood and MDF from NeoCon 2003
  • oil quart from NeoCon 2005
  • bamboo plywood furniture is new for our conference room
  • Spork floor (37% recycled content) will be our conference room rug
  • rulers will be shipped to visitors of the space or donated to local schools
  • all paper is destined for the recycle bin
  • shelves will go in our hallway
  • pendant lamps go in the exec suite (lucky me!)
  • LED mirror… we're not sure yet… it's going to be a fight.
Hope to see you there! We'll do our best to post photos while we're at the show.

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