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I first heard about Superuse.org through a local bicycle manufacturer, Litespeed, whose product idea is posted on the site. Superuse is a collection of ideas, projects and materials that display creative reuse. The best part is anyone can vote for a favorite idea! Litespeed is known for making high end, titanium bikes for serious racers. Here they have used leftover titanium tubing to make salt and pepper shakers.

As I clicked through the pages of projects and ideas I ran into quite a few designs that we have mentioned in the past on Tricycle Ink, such as the Tide Chandelier and the Big Dig House. Carpet tiles turned building material is mentioned as well, yet has only received 4 votes. If you have a great idea for reusing carpet tiles don't forget to check out the Ample Sample Contest and show us what you got!

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jan said...

Superuse is an online community of designers, architects and everybody else who is interested in inventive ways of recycling.

Now Superuse gives away a free copy of its new book every week to the most active contributor to the site. 'superuse, constructing new architecture by shortcutting material flows' is written by Ed van Hinte and 2012Architects and published by 010 publishers.
So join www.superuse.org and add your favourite examples of reuse in design and architecture....

Our blog is mostly about sustainable design in the interiors industry,
especially carpet. Sometimes it's just about us. Updated when we've got something good to say.