Disappearing ink (w/o asking Mom for matches)

Remember disappearing ink? Writing code letters (or love notes) in lemon juice, which wasn't visible on the page until you held a match underneath? Well, here's a version for the 21st century.

Xerox... which apparently also goes by the name "Xe-rocks"... has developed a paper that holds ink for the short-term, then fades to blank and can be-reprinted. Perfect for all of those documents destined for the shredder. Another great example of re-thinking waste.

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HP toner cartridges said...

I remember disappearing ink, and I miss it. It’s a good thing to have version for the 21st century.
I will certainly use it, mainly because I use in the shredder a lot. I’ve never heard about Xerox or "Xe-rocks. I’m sure it will be enormous success in the interiors industry. I congratulate the initiative for making a version for the 21st century for disappearing ink. I’ll update this blog very often, hoping that you'll publish about carpet. I need a new one urgent, because my dog destroyed the old one

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