100,000 and growing

Since we began our Environmental Report Card program in August of 2004, eco-minded designers have requested 100,000 SIM from Tricycle® print samples and created 1.1 million room scenes online.

By working through leading commercial and hospitality carpet manufacturers, SIM uses digital modeling and tech tools to reduce the waste generated in product development, sampling and merchandising... and at the same time enables carpet manufacturers to deliver a greater number of options to designers with less economic and environmental cost.

If these 100,000 SIMs were stacked flat, they would reach a height of 83 feet (slightly taller than the second largest Lego tower ever built). If an equivalent number of carpet samples were stacked flat, they would reach the height of the Chrysler building, twice. Much more importantly, these SIMs translate to 25,000 barrels of oil conserved, 150,000 pounds of carpet waste not landfilled, a positive economic impact of $19.5 million.

Because our mission is more than to replace unnecessary samples, but to eliminate waste and improve profitability for manufacturers in ways that serve the design process, we've also created dynamic web sites for commerical and hospitality carpet manufacturers. Using Tricycle tools to enable interior designers to explore more carpet pattern and color choices, faster, these web sites have enabled interior designers to create more than 245,000 custom color SIMs online and view more than 1.1 million room scenes with their recolored carpets installed.

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