Presenting at the AIGA GAIN Conference

On October 27th I'll be presenting on behalf of Tricycle at the GAIN: AIGA Business and Design Conference in New York. Four years ago, with Tricycle only a month old, Jonathan Bragdon and I attended the same conference in Minneapolis. The theme of "design" as a primary business strategy resonated with me. After all, that was a driving force behind our new venture. We had a motivating belief that changing the carpet industry (in our own backyard) was possible. And that we'd do it through a combined skill set of technology, design and marketing. My personal motivation was even deeper. I was looking for a way to make graphic design more meaningful. The opportunity to apply design thinking to a an entire industry was (and still is) exciting.

Today we have a significant number of the world's leading carpet mills as customers. Even more satisfying, we have a client that has built his company upon our vision for industry change — a result of ongoing success with the "big guys". I've invited Nood's founder to share the stage with me at GAIN and to discuss our designer/client relationship. I believe there's no better "proof of concept" for the Tricycle vision. Visit this page and scroll down to "Michael Hendrix" for a presentation description.

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