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The human drive for sustainability has a price . . . roughly $2.33 per gallon. Sustainable driving for humans might have a higher price tag, especially if it means the possible re-shuffling of the current transportation payout structure. So investigates a new documentary film titled Who Killed the Electric Car?

Our forefathers (well, more like our older brothers and sisters) had the pith to foresee the instability of the Middle East region, the finite nature of crude, and that the short term isn’t worth the cost to the long term. So, they invented an electric car specifically designed to reduce one of our major uses of fossil fuels -- local driving and commuting. Theirs was the type of invention that could hinder wars, save lives, catapult technology, and promote conservation. It was also the type of invention that could cost some industries their livelihood. The story of this invention (and its demise) can be seen at movie theatres nationwide; look for it at select theaters. If it isn’t in your area, it should be hitting Netflix before long.

After catching the flick, if you're so inspired, pick up the August / September edition of ReadyMade. There, they discuss converting vehicles from dino-diesel to the much more eco-minded (and hip) biodiesel. The rag even goes through the trouble of laying out blue prints for the construction of a filling station for your backyard -- for less than $600!

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