Behind Curtain #1… ZoomRoom™

Here are some "behind the scenes" photos from our ZoomRoom™ debut in the new Bentley Prince Street (BPS) showroom located in the Chicago Merchandise Mart. ZoomRoom is a new product we designed as a full-scale showroom and retail visualization tool. Rather than confining patterns, textures and objects to a computer screen, they are projected on multiple surfaces in a life-sized environment in front of, below and around a viewer (and in the case of BPS, we used SIM of course). It's a better shopping experience because sample swatches and furniture photographs can't give an experiential sense of scale.

ZoomRoom is simple to use because it's based upon a barcode and scanner system. A user selects a swatch of the product she is interested in. She scans its barcode and the product appears in full scale on the wall or floor in front of her. Additional cards (similar to children's flash cards) are scanned for further operations via an integrated online tool; from her home computer, she can email the images, coordinate with other products and colors, print, and place orders.

These photos were taken while Matt was setting up in Chicago this May.

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